Pressure Washing to clean exterior surfaces

Hiring the Right Pressure Washing Service Can Help in Cleaning of Many Exterior Surfaces


Pressure washing is useful for carrying out a number of cleaning works in industries, homes, commercial establishments, and many other situations. Get in an experienced and well-equipped pressure washing service and see how simple and easy your housekeeping operations become.


The reason why people prefer clean surfaces is multi-faceted. One reason to consider cleaning your patios, walking surfaces, and driveways is to relieve stress. Studies show, a huge contributor of stress is having things out of order, or something being where it should not be, or ‘observance of something that ruins our purposes’. To put it into perspective, when people see a messy room where nothing is where it should be, over 90% of people’s response is stress in the subconscious. It gets to be painful stress when we are not able to easily clean it ourselves because it requires special equipment, knowledge, skill, time, and will power needed in order to clean it. In the case of cleaning exterior cleaning, the task is a bit more challenging than cleaning a room. It is good that your exterior surfaces be as they were designed to be: dirt and mold free.


Pressure washing requires a fair amount of skill and knowing the right amount of pressure to use, along with any soaps or detergents, so that you not only clean what needs cleaning but also avoid damaging it in any way. Cleaning inside a house requires low pressure, while the exterior of a home, a driveway, or a garage floor may require higher pressures and the right detergent.


Roofs can benefit the most from pressure cleaning, but you will have to take into consideration the roofing surfaces, as shingles and tiles may need different forms of cleaning techniques. We offer a technique called ‘Soft-Washing’. If you see your roof looks dirty, it is because it has a form of growth on it ie: mold, moss, or mildew. High pressures will take off the growth, but all that pressure will take off some of the sand as well and therefore years of life off a roof. Therefore we do not typically recommend pressure washing above 2000 psi. Softwash is the process of using detergents and soaps to kill all growth and gently wash it off the roof using lower pressure. This is the method recommended by almost all roofing manufacturers. After the cleaning, the roof will look about like new with little sand lost.


Pressure washing equipment produces pressures equivalent to 750 to 30,000 psi.  It will have nozzles that produce high-pressure jets of water that allows for a uniform cleaning pattern that allows surfaces to be cleaned rapidly. Nozzles can alter the velocity and flow of water, and allow cleaning to be carried out at great distances. Nozzles can cover wide angles of up to 65 degrees, while those that are pinpointed (0-degree coverage) are very powerful and need to be handled carefully, as the high concentrate pressures can damage the surfaces being cleaned. Your pressure washing service provider needs to inspect the area that needs cleaning and then judge the nozzles that will require to be used for effective work.


Pressure cleaning is an ideal way to remove dirt and stains from almost any surface or material and makes for a smart way to do the necessary cleaning. You can always buy a machine if you need to do such cleaning work at very frequent intervals, but it makes more sense to hire the services of such professionals, as they would have a wider variety of equipment and nozzles and be able to use those that will be the most efficient in cleaning the surface that needs cleaning.


Using pressure washers requires extensive knowledge of the operations of sophisticated equipment, the techniques for using them, and a thorough knowledge of the required safety precautions that their use demands. You will need to also ensure that the service provider will have access to the required quantity of water, and also that there are adequate arrangements for drainage so that the area getting cleaned does not get flooded and lead to damage of property.


Specific surfaces need pressures and a rate of flow of water that is adequate. The types of stains also require will require the right judgment of the needed pressures and service providers will be able to better come up with the needed solutions because of their experience of having dealt with similar situations during their work.